Let's get the ball rolling! I'd like for us to all get to know each other better so I've created a page specifically for that purpose. Have fun!

Hi all! Let's get a little non-e going here! 


Please welcome and tell us a bit about yourself... I will go first.


My real name is Lisa Kemsley, I'm 31, and have been a Scientologist for just over a year. I'm currently on the Ethics course at STOSA and am a past-life Clear. My favourite thing about Scientology right now is the Tone Scale and the Evaluation Chart. Right now I’m trying to get more people interested in Scientology with my YouTube channel: Scientologirl.

A little bit of stuff outside of Scientology about me: I love cheesecake, electric dance music, dystopian movies and series, and I enjoy playing video games when I have time. I consider myself a simple girl with simple needs - put me on a beach or in a garden and I’m a happy camper. I’m an artist, graphic designer, blogger, video editor, animator and content creator. I love helping people but sometimes my help to others can come across a little too practical with a little too little heart in it. Does any one else have that problem? We have all the materials ready for any challenge but sometimes we forget to just feel for the other person because we want to solve it so they can feel better and not continue feeling hopeless?


Please do take the opportunity in the comments, I’d love to get to know all of you better! 


























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Jack G. 36 m

That is awesome validation. I believe in Hubbard's death into the Rainbow body or what I would describe as 'flash of light'.

Lisa Kemsley - Admin 10 w

Ken, basically I'm not sure how much you know but basically Scientologists believe we get reincarnated, so in my past life, I was a Clear (which is someone who no longer has their own reactive mind). Basically, once you are a past life Clear, in this life when you get audited, the e-meter picks it up as you have the recall of being a Clear, thus validating it. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions though!

Ken Charles 10 w

Hey Lisa. Thanks for this. Can you explain "past life clear"?