Help, tips, and explaining features of ISS (Independent Social Scientologists) platform - please read

Just like the name suggest, some useful information about the platform for indies!

Hey everyone, so I know there are some bugs on this platform, but I can honestly say the pros outweigh the cons to being here. 


So the platform is a little buggy, but here’s some tips and general advice/help until we get it sorted:

*If you want to create a long post, the better option is to either create a page or a blog/article. Doing it directly on your newsfeed seems to corrupt the text and only half if anything shows up. Sometimes unfortunately this happens with comments as well. Jon is working on it. Basically this site is still in its infant stage but what a privilege it is to be here so early on! 


*If you want to tag people in a post or comment, an easy way to do it for those that don’t know, (it works the same as other social media apps) you just put the “@“ symbol in front of the name and the person will get tagged.


*Make sure any images uploaded are jpeg format, as the site doesn’t use png yet.


*Sometimes the message icon shows there’s a message but there in fact isn’t… An easy way to fix this is to just reply to the message it shows has not yet been read - talk about a way to keep the flow going! :D


*On every post there is an option called “wonder” by the like/share/comment options. I think when you click it, it is basically like “following” the post.


*Because this is a platform solely for us Indies, the market, products, movies, explore, music etc are all internal, this means that for now, there is little to no content, so it’s up to us to fill it up! Let’s get creating! 


*If you want to create a new post of different content other than text, you don’t have to go to the sidebar, you can click on the “what’s going on?” Where you’d usually write your text, and you can select one of the options below, including recording a voice message, polls, videos, images, locations, feelings, what you’re doing etc. I particularly like the voice message option which I will test out soon, for those of us that like to talk! :D

Now for the good stuff!!

Here are some of the amazing features this platform has if you haven’t already stumbled on it:

*You can create groups pretty easily, so for example if you want to create a group like “Scientologirls” nudge nudge, you can create the group and invite a girls only party! And of course same with the guys

*You can create blog posts! I know many of us LOVE to share our thoughts about Scientology, and basically this feature allows you to create your own blog space without needing to create an actual blogging website!

*Sell your stuff on the market, whether it’s your own books, e-meters, auditing services, or anything Scn related! Of course, nobody will limit you to what you can post if you’d like to sell Christmas stockings as an example, but, I think global Facebook market place would be better for that.

*You can host events! Yup, that’s right! If you’d like to create, for example, a Zoom call for group auditing, you can put this up and people will come!

*Looking for an indy job either as a paid employee or volunteer? You can scout the job offerings, or you can create one!

*You can create your own page for just about anything!

*You can listen to music while you’re going through the newsfeed!

I think there are probably a lot more features I haven’t listed here but this is definitely the go-to place for Indies! Lastly, we would like to verify all users and I’ll make a post later on why this is important. Thanks everyone for reading!

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