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Imagine life as a game. In this game there are laws, both natural and manmade. Manmade would be things like you may not steal or you’ll end up in prison, and natural would be for example drowning if you didn’t know how to swim. At some point in time we agreed these laws existed and agreed with them. The more we adhere to these laws, the easier and better life is for us. The problem is, sometimes these laws, both natural and manmade are very difficult to keep up with and adhere to. If we could live by every single law there ever was, we would be perfect beings - or would we? The funny thing is, at some point or another, by adhering to one law, you will be breaking another law, and that’s what makes life complicated and sometimes unconfrontable. Now, that’s where the subject of ethics comes in, which means choosing to do the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics (areas in your life).

Ethics is a great subject but, let’s continue on with the game theory. People play games because it’s fun, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone playing a video game or a card game because they had to. But, what do games have to do with life? Well, life is comprised of freedoms, barriers and purposes. The same things games are made out of. The only differences are that 1. In real life our bodies need to literally survive and there is no “save point,” and 2. We can’t change the rules of video games as they are coded exactly for the purpose of the game developers. 


So where does the subject of Scientology fit into all of this? Consider that there are countless agreements that actually, in not so many words, say that if you consider life as a game, it will be easier to play, and you’ll be happier. Sayings such as “the less you care, the happier you’ll be” and “don’t take life too seriously” are testimonies to this. Well, consider Scientology to be like a decoder to the game of life. It gives you more freedoms, makes the barriers less solid, and helps you fulfil your purposes. 


So, the two differences to games and life as mentioned above could be rewritten with Scientology: 1. Our bodies still need to survive but as you increase in your awareness, you realise that your body is not as important as your spirit, the actual thing that automates these bodies, and 2. We still can’t change the rules of the game but we have a walkthrough that makes the game that much easier. So how does doing Scientology actually do this?

*Your IQ increases - this means that decisions will be easier

*Your personal barriers (agreements to yourself) will erase, such as phobias, compulsions, nervousness etc.

*Your awareness increases - so instead of just being afraid of a certain scenario, you’ll have the tools to know the potential outcome

*You will be healthier - it’s no secret that even doctors recognise stress as a killer. If you enjoyed playing the game of life you would stress much less until the point that perhaps you wouldn’t stress at all

*You will be more confident - The fundamental cause of no confidence is a lack of understanding, a lack of knowing, therefore, once you do start knowing things about yourself, other people, situations, you will naturally get more confident. This means you can talk to anyone about anything, and make decisions and be confident in them, and much more

*You will be a better person and more ethical - gone are the days where we have our prejudices on right and wrong, because we understand what ethics are

*You will be stable - you’ll know why you aren’t consistent, and you’ll learn how to be consistent

*You’ll enjoy life more - The more we win in games, the more happier and fulfilled we feel. The same can be said in life - when you understand life through Scientology, you will start winning and thus enjoy life more 


I’d like to demonstrate all this in a story. Let’s use “Lucy,” a fictional character I just created to do the work for us. Lucy seemed ok on the outside, she was friendly, a little shy, but not extremely introverted. Lucy had a suppressive father, and so Lucy was afraid and submissive of any man that reminded her of her father. One day she stumbled on Scientology and thought “what the heck, let’s try it.” As she studied on her Basic Study course in Scientology, she cleared her words, made demonstrations, and started seeing “the code” unfold before her eyes. This increased her IQ, because among other things, she realised that the fundamental reason why she didn’t understand things before or gave up on things was because she had misunderstood words. Lucy was great at practical things but with all the words in books and without actual objects in front of her, she saw that she had just forgotten all this time to simply use a dictionary, or have something she could see and feel in front of her!


After completing this course, Lucy took a personality test which told her that she was being suppressed. So Lucy started on the PTS/SP course in Scientology which helped her understand why she had the personal barrier of not being able to say no to some men. She realised that her father had many suppressive traits and that she chose men who had similar traits simply because she was trying to get right what she couldn’t get with her father - to gain affection. Auditing helped straighten this out as well, and this was no longer a barrier - she made healthier choices in her personal relationships and now, she was no longer suppressed. This also increased her confidence, because naturally when you stop giving in to the wishes of others, you start living for yourself. 


Lucy’s awareness also increased, as she learned about the tone scale. Instead of asking questions like “why does this person treat me this way” or “why are some people just like that” she learned that every tone has a different reality and those realities equal the intentions. Lucy grew from a scared and suppressed girl, into a confident and stable woman. She was also healthier because she understood that suppression has a terrible effect on mental health and health in general. 


Without Scientology, Lucy could have lived most of her life in fear, making the same decisions, being afraid of certain types of people, or giving in to the wishes of others, never truly living her own life and fulfilling her own dreams. This could have made Lucy act like her suppressives in the end, being miserable and taking it out on everyone. Instead Lucy learned about ethics - how to make decisions based on the greatest good for the greatest amount of areas in her life. She realised that by not being able to say no to certain men, she had alienated her friends, and her son was a victim of her decisions. She realised that all this time, the only area in life that she was trying to make go right was her relationships (her second dynamic) and that every other area was failing.

So by just starting her journey with Scientology by doing the Basic Study Course, the PTS/SP course, and a bit of ethics, Lucy had increased her awareness, became more stable, became confident, was healthier, increased her IQ, and got rid of some of her crippling personal barriers. She had more gains but these alone transformed her life. 


Lucy, with the help of Scientology, learned that life was in fact fun if you know how to play, and if you agree that this is your game. She learned that as soon as someone else dictated what the rules should be, things went wrong. 


The same can be said for living on this planet. I personally think that we are all experiencing suppression because we are connected, perhaps not directly, to suppressives. Being on this planet means adhering to the rules set in place “or else.” - That’s the basic reason why many of us do Scientology, we realise the game is rigged to the Elite’s favour, and Scientology is like our “cheat codes” to get ahead. Unfortunately, suppressive people and groups are hard at work to create confusion, disorder, and mystery, and thus our planet is in a state of chaos. Race, religion, gender, social status, and more differences are used against us and imprinted on us as differences so we may fight amongst each other and never see the real enemy. 


With Scientology, everything becomes clear. The code unfolds before one’s eyes as you let go of the Matrix-like thinking. It may seem at this point to be all a bit serious but that’s the trick of it all, life is very serious for those on top, which of course makes us take life very seriously. If we were to decide right now that every decision we were to make was to be enjoyed, even as simple as getting off a chair, we’d be living in present time, appreciating the gift of life, and not thinking about yesterday’s failures or tomorrows troubles. If you’re happy, are you really failing? Happiness is key. Scientology is the decoder. Life is the game. Play to win (be happy) or don’t play at all. Above all else, remember, this is your game, and what's true for you is true. ~Scientologirl

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Lisa, thank you for this. It is very helpful to me.

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A really great example of putting order into disorder!